Tape of Michelle Obama making racist comments coming soon

The Obama camp is not saying anything publicly now, but have chosen to work behind the scenes in their efforts to influence the release of Michelle Obama tape. The impact the tape is expected to have on National Security when finally released will be huge.

Peaceful approach to have the tapes not to be released has now turned into direct threats directed against API. The threats being unleashed against API comes after API Chief Editor’s unwillingness to accept the offer of a bribe by Obama Camp’s Campaign Manager was turned down.

The next few hours will be very crucial for API. The news organization is now putting the facts surrounding the bribe attempt together and will take a decision today to request the police to file charges against the Campaign Manager.

The intended release of Michelle Obama tapes stirs trouble in many circles

Let's find out who the real racists are... Let's find out who wants white people pay for the so-called rape of the people of color...

Why are even the bogus documents, videos or tapes about republicans released without any consideration? Heck, for get the republicans, the partisan media had no problem airing out wht they think dirt about an ordinary citizen: Joe The Plumber. LA Times is sitting on a tape that allegedly shows Barack Hussein Obama applauding anti-israel remarks and toasting with terrorists. Now we have this tape of Michelle Obama, who wrote a thesis advocating blacks to stay committed to the black community above everything else, allegedly making racist comments. Election is only a few days ahead folks. I don't think there is any recourse for a Buyer's Remorse on a Presidential election. Let's get the facts out about OBAMAs.