The Cost of DemocRAT Administrations

Folks, we pay dearly for decades to come when we elect democRATs to the highest office of the country. We pay with our lives, with our life savings, with our way of live when we let democRATs control the executive and the legislative branches.

Clinton administration cost us the September 11 attacks.

Now we learn that the $700 Billion plus we'll be spending to bail out our economy is a direct result of the actions taken by Clinton administration and the democRATs.

Planting Seeds of Disaster - ACORN, Barack Obama, and the Democratic party. By Stanley Kurtz, NRO

Finally, in June of 1995, President Clinton, Vice President Gore, and Secretary Cisneros announced the administration’s comprehensive new strategy for raising home-ownership in America to an all-time high. Representatives from ACORN were guests of honor at the ceremony. In his remarks, Clinton emphasized that: “Out homeownership strategy will not cost the taxpayers one extra cent. It will not require legislation.” Clinton meant that informal partnerships between Fannie and Freddie and groups like ACORN would make mortgages available to customers “who have historically been excluded from homeownership.”

"... will not cost the taxpayers one extra cent."  Isn't this maddening? The drive to make mortgages available to customers "who historically been excluded from homeownership" is costing us not only trillions of dollars in direct tax-payer money used to bail-out financial institutions but in many more billions of dollars in savings that disappear in the resulting market turmoil.

What the hell "historically been excluded from ownership" means? It is just one of the code-words liberal democRATs use to charge us with racism and discrimination. Unless we grow back-bone to tell these liberals who run these fake institutions to bilk tax-payer money out "Go F*** Yourselves!", next time they try to accuse us with racism and discrimination, we'll see more of our money disappear.

Who were these people getting mortgages thanks to Clinton, democRATs, Obama and ACORN?

Calling the Old Media: Five Million Illegals Have Illegal Mortgages in U.S.A.!

HUD says that five million illegal aliens hold illegal mortgages. This is just one more example of the lax lending laws put into place by Democrats like Barney Frank that have contributed to this economic crisis.

Is there anything that makes sense with what democRATs have done here?

We must be insanely suicidal as a nation to elect Barack Hussein Obama and a democRAT congress this coming election.