The Deceiver in Chief

Clever politics, but intellectually dishonest to the core. Health, education and energy -- worthy and weighty as they may be -- are not the cause of our financial collapse. And they are not the cure. The fraudulent claim that they are both cause and cure is the rhetorical device by which an ambitious president intends to enact the most radical agenda of social transformation seen in our lifetime.

Deception at Core of Obama Plans by Charles Krauthammer

More and more people are coming to realize that it was all a ruse.

Our Deceiver in Chief continues with his deception:

President Barack Obama promised on Saturday to do "all that's necessary" to boost the economy and warned, in an opening shot at critics of his budget proposals, that the country had tough choices ahead.

Obama says will do all necessary to boost economy

No he won't! It is not in his best interest. If he had not lifted a finger for the last four months why would he start now? It is the same old thing with Obama: Doublespeak. That's all there is to it.

"Like every family going through hard times, our country must make tough choices," he said. "In order to pay for the things we need -- we cannot waste money on the things we don't."

Forget the Valentine Day getaways in Airforce One, forget the $100 pound steak dinners and White House parties Mr. Deceiver in Chief. Can you at least not give our $900,000,000 to terrorists?

We have had sixty years to learn that while money can't put out the flame of hate, money can fuel it. We must be very slow learners. Today, in the midst of an economic recession that is devastating many American families, we are going to borrow $900 million and witness our money burn.

Dollars for Hate by Peggy Shapiro

Why are you, Mr. Obama, wasting our money?

What about all the earmarks in your budget? Stop lying to us Mr. Obama.

Obama, a Democrat, made clear one thing the country needed was healthcare reform, saying that process would help reduce the massive budget deficit and spur economic growth.

It is a lie also. Healthcare reform is not going to do anything to turn this economy around.

At the very center of our economic near-depression is a credit bubble, a housing collapse and a systemic failure of the entire banking system. One can come up with a host of causes: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pushed by Washington (and greed) into improvident loans, corrupted bond-ratings agencies, insufficient regulation of new and exotic debt instruments, the easy money policy of Alan Greenspan's Fed, irresponsible bankers pushing (and then unloading in packaged loan instruments) highly dubious mortgages, greedy house-flippers, deceitful homebuyers.

The list is long. But the list of causes of the collapse of the financial system does not include the absence of universal health care, let alone of computerized medical records. Nor the absence of an industry-killing cap-and-trade carbon levy. Nor the lack of college graduates. Indeed, one could perversely make the case that, if anything, the proliferation of overeducated, Gucci-wearing, smart-ass MBAs inventing ever more sophisticated and opaque mathematical models and debt instruments helped get us into this credit catastrophe in the first place.

Deception at Core of Obama Plans by Charles Krauthammer

Here it is Mr. Deceiver in Chief the real reason we are having these problems in our economy is the government and its meddling in the free markets. Its overreach. It is not healthcare, it is not green energy, it is not universal education.

There is only one reason a business should be in business: make profit. Everybody benefits when businesses are focused on making profit and become successful. Our businesses are no longer in business to make profit. They are in business to create a workplace that is diverse. They are in business to save the planet and combat global warming. They are in business for social justice. They are business to help the poor. They are forced deal with stupid and idiotic left wing agenda that does not create anything. We fix this stupidity and lift the burden off our businesses, we will prosper again.

Oh, I am sorry, all that stuff I listed is your agenda, isn't it Mr. Obama? That's the reason for your deception.

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