The Real Reasons to Oppose Obama’s Speech to Students

I urged you not to send your kids to school on September 8th when I first heard of Obama's plans to address the students. I said that even if it is a relatively harmless speech about staying in school and studying hard.

Well, this has been the crust of the White House and liberal democRATs' counter agreement calling it a sign of a "silly season" to oppose a president's positive message to students.

Folks, the POTUS has the bully pulpit. He has been on TV almost everyday since he was inaugurated. He held many press conferences that were carried by the national media at prime time. Your kids wouldn't have missed him even if they were hiding under their beds. He can still give one of these press conferences and get a phony journalist to ask him about his views on education instead of a white cop arresting a black elitist professor. What is the point of asking schools to drop everything and get students to listen to his speech and provide lesson plans to discuss the speech?

Reason number one to oppose Obama's speech is the "Cult of Personality" all wanna be tyrants try to create at first. You see folks, this is the United States of America, a system of government founded upon the principle of checks and balances because we do not trust the people in positions of power. Obama and the leftists are trying to undo that. They have been trying to create this cult of personality who is able to solve problems persisted in centuries with mere speeches. They want us to believe that Obama is our saviour and we must trust him. They want Americans to trust the government. Since they have been failing to convince grown-ups, why not keep working on the next generation. Believe me, they have been indoctrinating your kids for years but now they need to get them committed to this cult leader! After all there are quite a few of these students who will be voting in 2012. I talked about the warning signs of Obama tyranny almost a year ago. Here is an interesting video that ties the video I posted on that post with a real tyranny from the past:

Think of this personality cult in terms of how all the leftists in this country treat tyrannies all over the world... Here is the latest example:

Oliver Stone, like many other leftist elitists in this country, has never met a tyrant he didn't like. While leftists like him in this country worship him, Tens of Thousands Protest Chávez in Venezuela.

Listen to this:

Carlos Garcia, a 41-year-old administrative worker who attended the pro-government march, said Venezuela's poorer sectors have achieved greater equality under Mr. Chávez. He dismissed the opposition's claims about the education law, saying it aims to make the system more inclusive, and defended the recent jailing of opposition demonstrators.

Believe it or not, there are Obamabots in this country who would like to see that we follow Chavez's lead and do the same kinds of things this Venezuelan government worker talking about.

Folks, tyrannies, regardles of what kind of "isms" they are, are all based on cult of personality. In America, the government is supposed to be for the people by the people not mindless people obeying the all-powerful leader.

Back in the sixties, one of the favorite mantras of the leftists was "QUESTION AUTHORITY". Now in the 21st century, we see that the leftists can't stand to have their authority questioned.

This was the number one reason to oppose keep your kids home.

Michelle Malkin has a great run-down of all the other reasons here:
I repeat: It’s not the speech, it’s the subtext

Make sure to click on the links she provides.

Look at the totality of the leftists' efforts to take over public education.

Remember how your local schools use the "historic" inauguration of our first black president?

How about this?

Have you noticed during the recent immigration protests, there were a lot of public high school students marching in the streets? You think your average 14-17 year old have any understanding of the issues involving immigration? They were all being herded to the streets by their activist teachers.

I wrote this when Hillary Clinton proposed public pre-schools for 4-year olds. Yep, they want to get control of our kids' minds when they are much younger.

Keep in mind that no tyrant wants a population that is educated. All a tyrant wants a population that is indoctrinated in tyrant's ideology, a population that is ready to obey and follow the tyrant.

Michelle provides links to information that shows how leftist education agenda is actually about lowering the educational standards to promote radical, leftists ideologies. So your kids may not know their three Rs, and can't spell simple words but they sure will be well versed in meaningless slogans like "social justice", "equality for all" and more.

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