The Real Tim Mahoney

While we are looking at democRAT deception, let's see who Tim Mahoney, Florida Representative with a mistress is: The Real Tim Mahoney

This is a guy who was elected after Mark Foley Resigned. Remember Foley Folly?

This is what I posted at the time:

There is one and only one thing that matters to the democRats: THE PARTY IDEOLOGY!

The Party comes first and foremost. As long as you are useful and loyal to the Party, you can be and do anything and they will protect you.

If you are a threat to democRats' party ideology, they will work to destroy you savagely regardless of your race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, income, education, job, etc.

Tim Mahoney has been staying loyal to democRATs not to his constituency. Especially after his $121,000 payment to a former mistress who worked on his staff to shut her up he better be a good democRAT foot soldier.

Following his election in 2006, Allen was hired, at taxpayers expense, to work on Mahoney's Congressional staff in Florida, at a yearly salary of $36,000.

After complaints about the affair circulated in Washington, Allen was moved to the campaign staff, the staffers say.

Friends of Allen told ABC News that Allen sought to break off the affair when she learned Mahoney was allegedly involved in other extra-marital relationships at the same time.

Her friends say she told them Mahoney threatened that ending the relationship could cost her the job.

democRATs will claim that this is about private sex life. The guy campaigned on "Faith and Family". His understanding of "Family" probably includes his multiple mistresses who are not allowed to leave the "Family". It is all private "Family Sex Life" to fire your mistress who breaks up the sexual affair.

It is time to MOVE ON folks. Who are we to determine what a "Family" is? democRATs have a right to impose their definition of marriage and family on all of us. They already changed the meaning of marriage by using court system to force us to accept same sex marriages. democRATs already changed the definition of sex to not include oral sex so Clinton can stay in office. Don't be surprised if you see democRATs on TV challenge you to be tolerant and not get involved in democRAT Tim Mahoney's family affair.