This is beyond surreal…

What is happening to our country? This is beyond surreal if there is such a thing possible.

Talking tougher by the hour, livid Democrats confronted beleaguered insurance giant AIG with an ultimatum Tuesday: Give back $165 million in post-bailout bonuses or watch Congress tax it away with emergency legislation.

Livid Democrats demand AIG return bailout bonuses - Yahoo! News

Sweaty Senator Schumer
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Listening to these loudmouth, shameless, despicable democRAts threaten citizens of this country makes me want to puke on their faces. These assholes are the ones who wrote the stimulus bill, TARP I and TARP II. They rushed these bills through and the bills had these rules in them. Chris Dodd put and amendment in the stimulus bill to make sure these bonuses paid. Now he finds them outrageous? These people have no shame and they are turning this country into a fascist dictatorship.

Folks, democRATs like Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Hussein Obama are the architects of this current financial crisis. They plotted the whole thing for years. They took advantage of it and passed their radical leftist agenda and distributed massive wealth to their allies. They wrote up the rules of this bail-out scam. Now they are blaming everyone else. If there are people who need to go to jail or who need to commit suicide as stupid Republican Senator Grassley claims those people are liberal democRATs who are rapidly destroying the foundations of this country.

As Rush Limbaugh says "we are being played for the biggest suckers on earth with all of this."

It's only when the payout date neared that a false, phony, "My gosh, we're shocked, look what AIG did with the money," controversy was created by Obama's teleprompter and willing accomplices in the Congress, the Democrat Party and the media. You're falling for it. Well, I don't know how many of you are, but you're falling for it hook, line, and sinker. What must it feel like? I've often wondered what it feels like to be a mob member, part of the mob, not crime mob, but just a mindless, brainless twit following along with whatever emotion that has been created. I wonder what it's like to not have any individuality whatsoever. I wonder what life would be like to have no sense of self. It's shocking to see so many Americans that can get so spun and so caught up in this. It's actually not their fault. They've had the whole White House, which is loved and adored, and the Drive-By Media, the Democrat Party spinning all this. It's outrageous. It's indescribably outrageous.

We are constantly being scammed by liberal democRATs folks. They are wasting billions of dollars on worthless stuff, rewarding their political hacks, funding their partisan base by our hard earned tax dollars. They are giving millions of dollars to known terrorists and their supporters knowing full well that most if not all that money will be used to finance more attacks on us and our allies. They wrote the rules on these bailout scams and wasted billions of dollars but now they all are outraged over bonuses that were part of the contractual agreement employees had with their employer. Your liberal democRAT hacks all knew about these. Why the fake outrage? This probably is part of their devious plan folks. They are distracting us from the real big money and where it went. They want to agitate people and make them hate American businesses. This is an all out war against capitalism and American Business. These people are out to destroy this country. There may be some of you cheering when you hear Chuck Schemer saying he wants to tax 100% of these bonuses. Do you realize that he is talking about confiscating people's rightfully earned income? Do you think the fascism will stop there? If they can do that to these people they can do it to everyone folks. After all government has its tentacles everywhere. Don't let them justify this confiscation based on the bail out money. Government subsidies farmers. Government gives tax credits to a variety of businesses. Government offers loans to small businesses, students and professionals. Folks these fascists will eventually justify confiscating your retirement, your house, your pay, your car, even your own family member for the common good as they define it. Socialism leads to fascism. Hitler was a socialist. We are on a very dangerous path.