This is Not A Day of Service!

Barack Hussein Obama wants to reduce September 11 into a day where we pledge to serve his tyranny and do silly things like painting walls.

He wants us to forget!

He wants to lecture us Americans about freedom of religion.

Barack Hussein & muslims he chose to stand with are trying to hijack 9/11 and use it as a rallying cry for Ground Zero Mega Mosque.

We will not forget and we will not submit!

Michelle Malkin has a great post on her site Today: 9/11 remembrance: Set your alarms and steel your resolve

Read it folks. Click on each link and read the rundown of the individual attacks and what those murderous jihadists did on 9/11/2001. It is hard to read but we must. We must also remember that these 19 muslims did it all in the name of their religion, islam. They were not hijacking islam, they were following it.

As Michelle Malkin says we need the resolve to act in defense of our freedoms against this 6th century political islam.

Self-loathing & cowardly approach in dealing with the political islam is putting us all in danger. We cannot trust Barack Obama and liberal democRATs with our life or liberties.

It is utterly absurd that Barack Hussein Obama wants to lecture American people about freedom of religion on the 9th anniversary of muslims' murderous attacks. It is incomprehensible that when muslims burn unbelievers, islamist countries don't allow teaching of any other religion but islam; Americans are the ones who are asked to prove their tolerance.

Where is the sensitivity and respect from muslims towards the victims of 9/11 and their families? They were demonstrating for Ground Zero mega mosque even Today.

One thing everyone needs to keep repeating is that islam is not a religion. It is a political regime with its own economic and legal system. It is a theocracy where mosque is the state. It is not compatible with Western Civilization and despite what our pretend Commander-in-Chief says we should be at war with political islam and defeat it. Muslims who want to bring sharia and turn America into a islamist hell-hole should buy a one-way ticket to the islamist hell-hole Saudi Arabia.

Barack Hussein Obama can keep painting walls on 9/11. We will remember this November and forever what these murderous jihadists did and how the liberal elites in politics, government, academia and media reacted.