This is not how we should remember 9/11/2001

Obama on Thursday declared the anniversary of the attacks a national day of remembrance and service. And he and first lady Michelle Obama led the way Friday, visiting a Habitat for Humanity construction site in Washington, where they pitched in by painting a living room wall.

Obama marks 9/11 with memorial, call to service - Yahoo! News

This is a disgrace!

He called 9/11 "tragedies", did not say anything bad about the islamist terrorists who attacked us that day and who are still making plans to attack us, did not say anything good about our men and women in military service and now he calls on us to remember 9/11 by painting walls.

Mr. Obama, American people is way more charitable than you ever can dream of becoming. We as a nation, have been helping all over the world including. We were the most giving nation. We do not hear lectures from you and your ilk about charity, giving and serving. You have no respect for people who are truly serving this country: Our men and women who are fighting the terrorists on the front lines. You are plotting cowardly to make CIA agents' lives miserable. We still remember how you flicked a rose at Ground Zero last year. We are not stupid. You are not promoting charity. You are talking about some kind of forced volunteerism to serve your fascist government. We will not be fooled and there is no place for promoting your brown shirts movement on this day, September 11!

Folks, the islamist terrorists are dreaming of much bigger attacks. Our Commander in Chief, instead of reminding us the danger and helping us stay resolute in fighting and defeating this mortal enemy, distracting us with painting a wall at a Habitat for Humanity construction site. Keep in mind that our C-in-C is like many other liberal democRATs, has a record of personal charity giving that is way less than ordinary Americans' charitable giving. Why did he choose Sept 11 as the day of give/service bullshit? Why is he trying to change our focus this day?