Threat of Islam

It is late in the global game of confrontation with Islamic Jihad. The lines of conflict have been drawn and the ground-rules for Muslim victory are in place. Yet many among the targeted governments and peoples have yet been incapable or unwilling to identify the enemy, at the gates and within the walls.

Islam's War

This is a must-read article about the threat of islam.

Islam is not a religion in the sense we understand religions folks.

Islam is not a private spiritual experience but a public campaign of conquest, colonization, and conversion. In the Muslim East, governments and mobs persecute, outlaw, and hound the Christian faith and faithful. Christians flee in fear from Iraq and Egypt, and churches are closed down in Algeria. Christianity is prohibited in Riyadh - Saudi convert Hamoud Bin Saleh was reported arrested in early 2009. Christianity is dwindling in the East: consider holy Bethlehem, Aleppo in Syria and Tripoli in Lebanon - while Islam flourishes in the West.

Islam is ruthless when dealing with other religions but muslims initially demand understanding, tolerance for their so-called religion only to force us to accept their way of life that is a few centuries backward. It is classic muslim deception folks.

Muslims are determined to set the social rules by segregating classrooms, gyms, and swimming pools; promoting Muslim prayer in public schools; probing social resistance with women's head-covering scarves and non-alcoholic taxis; and enticing conversion through out-reach programs in prisons, religious discussions in mosques, and extensive internet missionary propaganda.

Yep, that's exactly how they go about it. True muslims will not send their daughters to schools but they do it in western countries to force the issue of women's head-covering scarves. Forget the women going to a university. Did you know that the true muslims believe that everything muslims can learn is in the Quran and there is no need for any other education? The muslims are trying to force us to accept their 6th century legal and political systems folks. They want us to give up the modern civilization we built. We have examples of true muslim societies: The Taliban, Iran and The Saudi Kingdom. Does anyone really want to live in these hell holes? I just can't understand the cowardly way our representatives, media, intellectuals approaching this mortal threat. Why are they so stupid? Why are they so gutless? Don't they understand that by surrendering to muslim deception in the name of religious tolerance and multiculturalism they condemn women to live in slavery? Don't they understand that islam when in power will abolish all the freedoms we have?

In the end, who will be blamed for the cataclysm? Politicians who failed their constituents, the media who misconstrued the victim, clerics who preached dialogue rather than disclosure, intellectuals who betrayed national values; and those who stood by watching the exploitation of democracy rather than guarding its inner poise, its light and sweetness, for the free and brave people of America.

I have been warning about islam for years:

...there is a genuine threat to Western Civilization by 6th century islam. As I pointed out on this blog repeatedly you cannot look at islam as a religion only and try to give it the Western idea of religious tolerance. Islam is a religion that demands to have its own political and legal rules applied to the society. These rules are directly opposite of what we believe in the Western world. Our self-loathing, timid and coward liberal democRATs may wish that by giving in to the demands of muslims they will be left alone. That's a pipe dream. Islamists want world domination and they will do it by taking advantage of freedoms and tolerance Western civilization offers them only to throw all these freedoms away when they are in power...

Well, we have a president who bows to the Saudi king out of deep respect. The same president who talks about America not being a christian nation in any chance he gets. We have a president who is taxing us and sending millions of our hard earned money to islamic countries. He is selling us out. There are bunch of other politicians who are enabling him. We have supreme court justices who do not have any problem studying 6th century islamic religious law to be inspired for their legal decisions. We have a phony media apparatus that has been spreading the muslim propaganda. We have academics conspiring with muslims in the name of freedom of speech -- an idea true muslims despise.

It is getting too late... We must confront this threat.

It is very simple folks. The only thing we need to do is to require anyone who wants to live in this country and become an American to live up to our standards of western civilization. If you want to be a true muslim and have 4 wifes and force your daughters to wear a veil and want to have the power to beat and kill them when they disobey you, we tell you to go live in a true muslim country. We do not want you here. We will not be forced to live in a 6th century civilization. We will not be forced to tolerate a 6th century barbarism either. This is America. You either commit to become an American or get the hell out! All we need to do is to put a stop to this multiculturalism idiocy folks, that's all. We are not against immigrants who want to come here and become assimilated in our culture to contribute and prosper. We are against the invaders who want to come here and force their own culture on us. It is simple.

We either defend our own civilization or risk losing it. Choice is crystal clear.