The Truth About Communism and Obama

I have seen for quite some time that although we won the Cold War -- and defeated the Soviet communist empire -- America is vulnerable to varying degrees of collectivism, wealth redistribution, "creeping socialism" (Ronald Reagan's phrase), class-warfare rhetoric, and generally milder, more palatable (but still dangerous) forms of disguised Marxism. Why? How? The answer is simple: The history and truth about communism is not taught by our educators.

Why Obama's Communist Connections Are Not Headlines

There are a lot of things that are not taught by our educators but this is important. Especially at a time a radical socialist democRAT who is pretty sympathetic to communism is running for the President of The United States. It is very very important, especially at a time one of the major political parties is infiltrated and taken over by socialists and communists. If this election goes the way current polls are showing, we will be in for quite a shock next year folks.

Communism failed everywhere it was tried. It killed millions of people. It brought misery, death and destruction not only to the people -- take note you so-called environmentalists -- but also to the environment.

That total failure to remind and understand means that Americans are painfully vulnerable to repeat mistakes that should have been forever tossed onto the ash-heap of history.

Communism and the Cold War has been my area of research for years. I've written books on the subject. I lecture on the subject at Grove City College and around the country. The book I'm currently researching with Peter Schweizer is a Cold War book, which, ironically, inevitably brought us into contact with Marxist characters who allied with and even mentored Barack Obama.

Of all the lectures that I do around the country, none seem to rivet the audience as much as my discourse on the horrors of communism. In these lectures, which are usually connected to my books on Ronald Reagan, I do a 10-15 minute backgrounder on the crimes of communists-from their militant attacks on private property, on members of all religious faiths, and on basic civil liberties, to their total death toll of over 100 million bloodied, emaciated corpses in the 20th century.


This stuff isn't rocket science. It is easy to teach, if the professor desires. The problem is that it isn't being taught. Consequently, Americans today do not know why communism is such a devastating ideology, at both the level of plain economic theory and in actual historical practice. It is a remarkably hateful system, based on literal hatred and targeted annihilation of entire classes and groups of people. (Nazism sought genocide based on ethnicity; communism sought genocide based on class.)

This gets interesting when you look into Barack Obama and his radical communist friends. Keep one thing in mind folks: This is something I keep repeting over and over here: You just can't believe what they say and promise. Deception, lies and cheating is part of the strategy communists use.

Barack Obama is not your typical liberal: he is the most hard-left Democrat that his party has ever nominated for the presidency.