Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

  • President George W. Bush signed stuff: Miss him yet? #
  • 'The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America' by Andrew C McCarthy (Hardcove... #
  • President SuperZERO asks his sidekick Teleprompter man for advice in handling the oil spill. Teleprompter man saves the day: Blame Bush! #
  • Idiot liberals still talking about Katrina & Bush while their president SuperZERO polishing his teleprompter as the oil leaks. #
  • So the first Kenyan-indonesian-Muslim-Marxist POTUS nominates a dhimmi as a SCOTUS justice No surprises there... #
  • President SuperZero was at the Oil Spill scene since day one! He just didn't have his teleprompter with him that's why he was silent. #
  • Somebody should ask Kagan what she thinks of the Sharia Law Bought and paid for by the Saudis. #
  • President SuperZERO with his sidekick Teleprompter lectures Americans about oil spill while his daughter thinking he is plugging the hole... #
  • Cluless phony journalist Ann Curry Stupid is what stupid does #