Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-18

  • Freedom loving Patriot Americans won't stand for Obama Tyranny! It is time to throw the House & Senate RATs out & IMPEACH Obama. #
  • Real GREED that is destroying this country is the greed Obama's union buddies, welfare queens, corrupt businessmen & gov bureaucrats have! #
  • Obama & the RATs count on their zombies who believe all the lies. Ignorant, lazy, dependent and greedy cult followers are the base of Obama. #
  • Hey Sherlocks in lame media who couldn't figure out the times square bomber's motive! Watch this: #
  • Here's What You Haven't Heard About the Oil Crisis #
  • NAACP is inherently racist. Why advancement of colored people? Why are Whites non-colored people? #
  • Obama suing Arizona for trying to do what Obama is supposed to do but won't do. Supremacy Clause doesn't apply. #
  • Obama is mad at al qaeda for killing Africans. Yeah! They should just stick to killing white Americans. #