Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

  • Freedom to worship means employers must accommodate muslims pray 5 times a day and more. #
  • Did u hear Barack changed "freedom of religion" to "freedom to worship"? Why? Who else use the same term? Muslims of course... Why? #
  • This is what happens when a muslim POS becomes the POTUS: WH is full of islamists who wish for a global caliphate. #
  • Racial profiling is now the law thanks to Obama & RATS' Financial Deform Bill! Thank U Scott Brown & Olympia Snowe. #
  • "Gibbs said he needed to examine what Mr. Obama said last November and would get back to this reporter. He didn't." #
  • Look what the propagandist media can dig up if they wanted to: Greene is also black but not RED enough. #
  • Glad to hear Limbaugh finally calling MSM what it is: Propaganda arm of liberal democRATs as I said years ago: #
  • VP Bite me says dems will "shock the heck out of everybody" in November. #