Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-05

  • Gee! I wonder what motivates these people? Could it be islam? Nah... They must have been foreclosed or something. #
  • You may have missed this since nobody watches CBS News: Katie Couric's disgusting moral equivalency. #
  • Hope and Change turned in to forget it we're screwed let's change the drapes and carpets. #
  • Stop the muslim rumors people. Allah willing "Obama banned Islam, Jihad From National Security Strategy Document" #
  • Obama apologizes to muslims, praises islam, turns NASA into a islam promoter & OK w/ victory mosque at GZ. No muslim rumors please. #
  • Liberal dogma is just like islam: Absolute control of people, state and law by the dogma, forced conversions, persecution of unbelievers. #
  • Obama $$$ to islamists, will criminalize criticism of islam, has islamists in WH, tasks NASA w/ muslim outreach, wants GZ mosque. #
  • SEIU: There is no "i" in American. We are all "Amercans" now! Welcome to Obamaville. #