Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-12

  • Thanks to Bush's policies, we locate Osama; gutsy Obama takes 16 hours before taking the only action any one would have taken. #
  • Didn't Obama tell us that Osama hijacked islam the religion of peace? Why worry about giving him a proper muslim burial then? #
  • Do you remember how Obama flicked a rose at GZ in 2008? #
  • Mark my words: Obama will throw the seals under the bus when he thinks he can politically benefit from it. #
  • Seals get the job done. Their BOGUS POTUS who wants to get all the credit can't even get his story right #
  • This is beyond stupid: But what do you expect from Obama and the fools he has working for him? #
  • I guess it was a little stressful for the "little" man in the WH yesterday. That's why he deserves all the credit. #
  • Osama will rot in hell, thanks to our brave soldiers. Obama's speech was lame. Why use flowery rhetoric and try to make it all about Obama? #