Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-22

  • Barack Hussein Obama the new Caliph just gave the State of The Caliphate Address and promised to loot infidels' money. #
  • Barack Hussein Obama, the new caliphate, just finished his state of the muslim union address. If only he ended w/ Allah-u Akbar! #
  • So how does it feel to have an un-American President? #
  • It is good to be in the Socialist ruling class: Rough sex w/ prostitutes, sexual attacks & Time magazine excuses it all #
  • Muslim POTUS will give $1 billion of our money to his muslim brothers in Egypt. #
  • We are paying for the lavish lifestyles for these socialist bureaucrats who think of us as dumb folk and want to control our lives. #
  • It is good to be a European socialist or an American liberal democRAT: #