Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-03

  • Dick Durbin Says Maybe Someday an Illegal Alien Will Be Elected President Living Constitution by Despicables! #
  • Durbin (Despicable): Illegal Alien Could Be Our Future President Hey! If Barack Hussein Obama can... Si se puede! #
  • Rahm's Top Cop claims government-sponsored racism. Our black president is also in on it? Real Racists r the Despicables. #
  • See what I meant when I said D=Despicable. Three Despicables getting ready to their despicable work: #
  • There is only 30 results in Google News about ATF whistleblower as of now. Fourth estate voluntarily becomes mouthpiece for Obama. #
  • MSM that used to love whistleblowers stays silent about Obama's firing of ATF Whistleblower. MSM=Propaganda arm of O. #
  • Isn't it about time we accept the fact that the letter "D" after certain politicians' names stand for DESPICABLE? #
  • Six-figure pensions soar for California school administrators It is all for the children... #