Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-07

  • Supreme Idiot and his sidekick Joke Bite me plus the Gigantic Fool are succeeding in turning the US into a third world banana republic. #
  • If u kill Americans while shouting allahu akbar, despicables want to understand u. If u demand fiscal discipline they call u terrorists. #
  • The despicables who won't id Fort Hood jihadist as terrorist have no qualms about calling Tea Party Patriots terrorists. #
  • While sending our $$$ to real terrorists & spending US into BK, Zero's VP calls patriots terrorists. #impeach #
  • Supreme Idiot's sidekick Joe Bite me calls Tea Party Patriots terrorists. #
  • Despicables feel for you if you are a real terrorist wanting to harm the US but they hate you if you are a patriot wanting to save the US. #
  • The Despicables won't call the real terrorists terrorists but they call Patriotic Americans terrorists. #