Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-11

  • Obama proves once again D is for Despicable! #
  • We no longer have a POTUS in the White House. What we have is a KIMMPOS: Kenyan Indonesian Marxist Muslim POS. #
  • Chuck Woolery is trying to save America... 1 percent at a time. #
  • News flash: Pompous ass Bob Woodward does not enjoy pompous ass Al Gore's company. #
1 Comment
  1. President Obama is attacked, hated, scorned, mocked and LIED on and about relentlessly. How much of their criticism is based in reality? I’d have to judge about 12%. All the rest is bitter jealous, hate, racism, and Obama derangement syndrome. You racist nut job Republicans are a disgrace to the Country! I am not a
    democrat but a concerned proud american, who loves this country to death, but
    the republicans (conservatives) have to go. I don’t understand (unless it is
    just pure brainwashing and/or stupidity) how people vote for the republicans
    and conservatives. Obama is an amazing politician, person, and true American.
    However, the awful and hateful republicans continue to hurt and destroy this
    country by not allowing the government to pass these wonderful policies and
    laws that are being brought to the table by Obama and his administration and
    some other democrats. By the way George W. Bush was the worst President in this nation’s history, and undoing what he and his criminal regime did is going to require real work from everyone from President Obama down to us rank and file voters. boy, those racist conservatives really fear Obama, probably because of he dreck they have to put against him! Although not all or most republicans are racists – most racists are republicans