Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12

  • After One Big Ass Mistake America made, we all deserve R&R. Kenyan Indonesian Muslim Marxist & his sidekick bite-me schmoe are out. #
  • If questioning Obama's birthplace makes us "Birthers" then Obama, Reid and other Despicables should be called "Taxers." #
  • Does this mean we have a Foreign Exchange President? If so from which foreign country? #
  • Obama's bitter clingers: Ultra rich and famous celebrities paying $35k/plate to celebrate the misery forced upon to American people. #
  • #KilledByObama DemocRATS. Obama can never kill the American Spirit. He helped us see how DESPICABLE the DEMOCRATs are. #
  • #KilledByObama The Office of The POTUS. DemocRATs hoodwinked Americans to elect a POS as the POTUS. #
  • Here is how Obama's auto bailout killed the pensions of non-union workers: This is how ObamaCare will work #