Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-19

  • DemocRAT party truly became the party of Despicables. #
  • All The President's Men are working for him in the media now? Journalists are happily bleating for Obama. #PhonyMedia #
  • It is pretty sad to see journalists in America willingly turn themselves into propagandists for a despicable & corrupt administration. #
  • Hope & Change turned out to be Hoax & Crap. Time to R&R to start Rebuilding and Reuniting America. #
  • Conflict of Visions: O&B: whining, blaming losers promising misery for all vs R&R: winners promising a bright future for the willing. #
  • Despicables love to share the wealth hard working people created with others and accumulate power in the process. They are looters. #
  • Obama's vision for America: Poverty for Masses, Power for Obama & the Despicables. Feel good euphoria for the rich who plays along. #
  • With Romney & Ryan we will have a POTUS and VP we can be proud of. Not to mention Our President & VP will be proud of our country. #