VP Debate Impressions

Verdict: Palin won the debate fair and square!

19:29 Closing statements.

Gov. Palin hits mainstream media for the propaganda job they have been doing. Folks. Look at this woman! After her performance Today: can you ever believe anything the phony journalists are telling you about republicans?

Biden: Tired, boring, complaining, blah, blah, blah...

19:26 Bipartisanship? How do you bring people together?

Biden: "Don't question their motive?"

Palin: "Appoint people regardless of their party affiliations." But the policies and principles are important.

19:24 Final question: An instance you were forced to change long-held view.

Biden talks about Bork. Intellectual change? What is he talking about?

She has not compromised on any major principle issues.

19:18 What is your weakness question? Gov. Palin talks about her strengths. Beatiful. We are unapologetic for being an American unlike Obama who keeps apologizing and criticizing. Nicely done!

Biden has to talk about his personal story. You see folks "He understands". Incredible! He said "Because I am a man..." Is he complaining of sexism? Poor old Joe! A woman is spanking him in front of millions of people.

"Can I respond to that?" Biden, Biden, Biden... He is not looking good. Keep talking Joe, keep talking.

19:16 Biden thinks Palin is making a mistake talking about Cheney's Vice Presidency. You can tell from his body language. Now he is going to lecture us about constitution. He does not get much traction there.

19:13 She gets laughs while Biden is trying to interrupt her. Come on man, lighten up.

19:07 What a question! Biden administration if Obama kicks the bucket? The only reason this question is asked to let people know that Palin is a heartbeat away from presidency. Palin answered this question in a much better way. Biden is a rubber stamp of Barack. BS! Gov. Palin tells it as it is. She did not give up her core beliefs to get on the ticket. Biden did.

Biden is trying to make up by saying "Can I respond?" Starts talking about Bush and she comes back beautifully. She is the best you idiot phony journalists and hateful liberals! Every American woman should be proud of her!

19:01 Nice question to Biden the interventionist. He is only for intervention when there is no national security reason. He wants us to go into Darfur.

"Voted for the war, now you oppose it." WOW! Palin is hitting a home run here pointing the Washington insider games Biden and Barack play. This is the woman phony media declared stupid and unqualified. I wrote about her playing rope-a-dope and I was right. There is no contest here folks. She is spanking Biden!

18:57 Gov. Palin brings up Afghanistan and reminds everyone that Barack is propagandizing for the enemy. Incredibly Biden took the bait and repeated twice "surge principles will not work in Afghanistan." We remember clearly when Barack said the same thing about surge in Iraq. This guy is an idiot.

Biden sighs heavily!!! She is killing him. Poor Biden...

18:55 "Past is forward." Is that what he said. Biden is trying to tie Mccain to Bush.

18:54 Alert! Alert! Alert! Biden is starting to SIGH!!! He is sighing when Gov. Palin compliments him.

18:51 She is not taking Biden's bait and sticking with her answers to Ifill's question about Israel. Staunch support for Israel.

Biden says he is the best friend of Biden in the U.S. Senate. Why join Barack's ticket that is supported by Hamas then buddy?

18:45 Iran or Pakistan? Which one is a great threat? Biden is screwing this up by focusing on Pakistan and by not saying anything about Iran. Must be all that money he got from Iranian lobby.

Gov. Palin is focusing directly on Iran and the threat it poses. She is bringing up Barack's naivete intending to meet with the axle of evil and dictators without pre-conditions. She is cleaning the floor folks.

Biden is again forced to explain what Barack said. Now he is saying they will talk with the dictators.

18:39 Time for foreign policy. Palin starts strong again. She is using Biden's words against Barack on his military funding vote. Biden starts talking about a plan. What plan? Cut and run plan? Now he is trying to over-explain Barack's vote on military funding. Biden says "Thay will end this war." "Your plan is white flag of surrender!". Palin hits back strong. Biden did not say we will WIN this war folks.

Palin keeps hitting Biden using his own comments about Barack during primaries. She is doing in such a great way.

18:36 Ifill saves Biden by changing subject to same sex. Clean coal to same-sex. What a change of subject. Is gwen Ifill going to be changing the subject whenever Biden gets in trouble.

18:34 Great! "You said NO to everything." She is hitting them back. Nice, she hits him back on the "clean coal" while Biden laughs nervously. He is trying to weasel out of his clean coal stand he stated previously. Nice job Gov. Palin.

18:30 Here comes climate change BS question from Ifill. Notice she did not say "global warming". Palin said "cyclical temperature changes" instead of climate change.

Biden says " It is totally man-made". Mr. climate change expert blames us, humans, for global warming. Did he just say investing in clean coal? I thought he was agains building any clean coal factories. There is a lot of things to hit him on just what he said. I hope Gov. Palin hits him hard on these issues.

18:29 It is refreshing to see a poltician with Common Sense. Go Palin!

18:27 Biden tells us "it gets complicated". Yeah, we main streeters like Gov. Palin are too stupid to understand what career politicians like Biden are doing for us.

18:26 Can you believe it? Gov. Palin gives straight answers to questions. Unlike career politicians like Obama and Biden. She is a gem!

18:23 Palin hits Obama/Biden for promising different things to different people.

18:19 Biden is getting angrier... Palin has a genuine, beautiful smile while Biden is getting unhinged. It is happening quite early in the debate. I wonder where this will take us?

18:17 Fake smiles on Joe Biden while Palin hits Biden for his "Be patriotic! Pay more taxes!" call. Nice!

18:15 Yep! don't take the bait and talk directly to American people Gov. Palin.

18:10 I bet Obamaniacs and phony journalists are shocked with Gov. Palin's performance. Idiots duped themselves into believing she is stupid. They are stupid.
Joe Biden is lying about deregulations. We all watched the videos of democRATs stopping the regulators.
Joe's friend never puts gas in his car? Total BS!
Barack is for increasing taxes. Good job Palin!

18:05 Gov. Palin is strong, clear, concise, to the point!

18:00 Joe Biden looks tired.

  1. Wow! I just read an article about a Saudi cleric calling for all women in that country to wear some extreme burqa that only exposes one eye… think of all those poor people walking around one-eyed … and then I read your account of yesterday’s debate! This is utterly and ridiculously one-sided, with no reasonable critique of either participant. I thought Palin did better than many would have expected, came across well, and no doubt appealed to a certain demographic, but there was a significant content vacuum, and a tendency to answer the question she felt she could, rather than that actually asked. In high office, as in life – and usually in a debate – you can’t get away with deciding what you’re going to deal with, and what you’re going to pretend isn’t there…