Welcome to New Slavery

I like that Warren Buffett tried to say the right thing but in his heart of hearts, and despite his ultra-liberal leanings, the Oracle has to be worried about the "War on Prosperity" that is developing so much faster than anyone could have imagined. Over the weekend, the president launched a new salvo at certain industries:

> Insurers
> Lenders
> Oil & Gas

These are easy targets; we've all had misgivings at some point in our lives with an insurance company, a bank or lender, and who hasn't actually cursed at a gasoline pump at one time or another. But it's all a smokescreen to go after all businesses. Let's face it the nation is being pushed into a kind of socialism that sees 20% of the population pay 90% of the taxes and 50% pay no income tax at all. At the very least this is indentured servitude, but one could even say it's a form of slavery. It essentially says that people that want to go the extra mile, work two jobs, go to college for seven years, or stake a life savings on a business venture must do so knowing that half the money they earn will go to people that didn't lift a finger for the success of the venture or journey. The fact is that many of those people sharing in the wealth will not have lifted a finger at all.

from WStreet Market Commentary Email,
By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
3/2/2009 9:31:06 AM Eastern Time

I told you so!

I have talked about liberals and Obama's desire to enslave Americans here, here and here.

Maybe, just maybe, this is how Obama and liberal haters of western civilization want us to pay back. This is their way of getting reparations not only for slavery but for all the supposed bad things we did in building our civilization. You know, some of us describe liberals as self-loathing or "guilty" to try to explain awya their actions. This is not correct. liberal democRATs are not self-loathing. They loath us the common people who built this civilization. They hate us. They do not have guilty feelings for our past. They assign the guilt to us and they want us to pay for all the imagined harm our ancestors did in creating our culture and civilization. They want to destroy us. Their hatred of the United States and the western civilization it represents is so great that these liberal democRATs have no qualms about partnering up with a 6th century savagery like islamism.

Was this the Change and Hope bullshit American people voted for? Media propagandists of liberal democRATs have done a great job hiding this agenda during the campaign. Now look what they are investigating:

How to get Michelle Obama's toned arms - CNN

The Obama Team's Drink of Choice? Coke, Not Pepsi - Time

This is not even a tabloid journalism. This is all being done on purpose folks. You cannot manage to stoop this level unless you are doing it on purpose.