What Anita Dunn Likes most about Mao

I see this clip and I understand Glenn Beck's point. Obama's Communications Advisor Anita Dunn's favorite "political philosopher" is Mao Zedong... A communist who is responsible of killing 70,000,000 people but I believe Mr. Beck missed the crucial point by focusing only on her declaration that Mao is one of her favorite political philosophers.

Obamabots are already making fun of Mr. Beck and Anita Dunn herself is trying to direct the focus on Mao quote ""You fight your war and I'll fight mine." by claiming that her source was actually a Republican operative.

Michelle Malkin also has background information on Anita Dunn: Anita Dunn: A corruptocrat flack and a Mao cheerleader. Again the focus is on her general affection for Mao.

Now, here is what we should be focusing on: Listen to what Anita Dunn is saying folks. I hope you caught it the first time you watched the video.

"In 1947, when Mao Zetung was being challenged within his own party on his plan to basically take China over..."

She specifically picked that line. Can you see how it is relevant to Today's America?

We have Obama, Chairman Obama, who is executing his plan to take the U.S. over...

Now you know where they get their inspirations from...

The answer to the question "What does Anita Dunn like most about Mao?" is "EVERYTHING". Yes, everything including his purge of seventy million people. These 70,000,000 were just not willing to be re-educated.

Don't you think Obama has a plan for us dumb folk, who are not willing to be re-educated in his SERVE.GOV camps?

Let's see what his close friend Ayers had planned:

We are all Maoists now!


RedState has some information about Obama's Communication Director Anita Dunn's favorite political philosopher Mao.

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  1. Anita Dunn is a dangerous fool, and comments like those of other Obama trolls have been representing, defending, and promoting Obama since he first ran for President. They seek out and infiltrate conservative sites and blogs with their naive propaganda. Sooner, or later, their ridiculous attempts at indoctrination, and efforts to silence dissent, will collide with reality, and even their mindless followers will realize that when you insist on eating the goose that lays the golden eggs, it might fulfill your immediate hunger, but will prove to be a foolish solution that can only lead to the eventual starvation for everyone!