What has Obama done for the country?

"What has Obama done for the country? Well, he closed Gitmo, except now he can't. He got us out of Iraq, except we're still there. He ended partisanship, except he didn't. He ended racial politics, except he's promoting it. He's 'saved' millions of jobs. But he has not yet stopped the seas from rising, as he promised. That's still a work in progress."

Rush Limbaugh - July 21, 2009

Seriously folks... What has Obama done for the country?

I don't mean since he became the President. I mean since the day he was born in Kenya.

His community organizing in Chicago does not count and it is not something he should be proud of.

Writing two autobiographies does not count either.

This is a challenge to anyone: Post one thing Barack Hussein Obama who is out to re-make America has done for America?