Who is Writing Those Bills?

This RAT does not even know what is in the bill that has his name on.

You see these democRATs passed TARP bill with over thousand pages. We know that they had voted for it without reading it. Now, we have this monstrosity that is called crap'n tax bill that is over 900 pages and these assholes have not even read it. This is a bill that is based on a false premise of global warming. This is a bill that is a massive energy tax, that will kill jobs, massively increase energy costs and kill the United States economy. This asshole is proud to put his name on it without even reading it.

There is a bigger question that needs to be answered though: Who is writing those bills that have liberal democRATs' names on? Really folks, think about it, thousands of pages in a bill that will become a law of the land that will fundamentally change our way of life and we do not know who wrote it, our elected representatives have not read it... Is this how a representative democracy supposed to work?