Why did Arlen Specter Vote for the Obama’s Socialist Stimulus Bill?

It pays to be the man in the middle. When the Senate reached a $780 billion stimulus deal with three Republican senators, the final package included three amendments that had previously been passed. Only one of them survived conference negotiations between the House and Senate intact, said Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE).

The lucky amendment adds $6.5 billion in funding for the National Institutes of Health to the plan. It owes its life to its sponsor, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA), one of the three Republicans who made the deal possible.

To The Victor: Specter Keeps $6.5 Billion For NIH In Stimulus

I hope the $6.5 billion will help the NIH come up with a breakthrough cancer treatment within the next few years. I hope Sen. Arlen Specter will rush to take advantage of this new treatment to save his life just to find out Obama's health care tyranny finds it too expensive for him based on their cost benefit analysis and orders Arlen Specter to die without being a burden to the state.