Why Barack Hussein Obama is The Perfect Presidential Nominee For Democrats?

His Last Name is OBAMA.

Obama not only rhymes with OSAMA, with only one letter difference, democRATs hope Obama can appease the mastermind of September 11, 2001 attacks and his followers. As the democRATs claim, we deserved to be attacked by Osama and his fanatics because of  our unfair treatment of middle-eastern poor muslims. If only we had built schools, hospitals, and provided free services for them...

His Middle Name is HUSSEIN.

DemocRATs hated and still hate the regime change we accomplished in Iraq. We got rid of Saddam Hussein, a tyrant. As we all know, democRATs love tyrants as long as the tyrants provide free health care and threaten us. What better way to honor the memories of Saddam Hussein: A regime change here that brings another Hussein to power!

His First Name is BARACK.

It is African? It is Arabic? Is it Muslim? Who cares? DemocRATs want votes of all hyphenated-Americans. Hopefully the name Barack has an islamic origin. What better way to show the islamists of the world that we are not a threat to them anymore.

He is the perfect multi-culturalist.

Barack Hussein Obama will set an example for new immigrants to this country. All those new immigrants who want to be assimilited into their new country mostly start with taking up new names. Barack used to be called Barry which is a more common American name. Barack refused to be called Barry. "Why try to be an American in name, culture or tradition? Stick to your roots, your heritage, your own culture. You are not an immigrant. You are an invader. You did not come to America to become an American but to change America by preserving your own identity." Isn't that the wonderful message democRAT multi-culturalists have been giving to new immigrants all these years? Now they have someone they can hold up as an example of multi-culturalist success.

He is whatever democRATs can claim he is.

The truth is Barack Hussein Obama is Kenyan-American but he can get the votes of African-Americans and Blacks. His Kenyan heritage includes islam which may make him a Muslim-American if the democRATs wanted Muslim-American votes. Hey! If you look at Kenyan history you will find that muslim/arab Kenyans actually involved in slave trade. So maybe, just maybe Obama's great great parents might have helped some democRATs' great great parents get their slaves.