Why did Obama Fail to Bring Olympics to Chicago?

I wrote about how Michelle Obama's pitch to the IOC failed to deliver.

Michelle Obama's me, me, me and me speech obviously was not helpful.

What about her international celebrity, rock star, magnificient husband who knows a thing or two about "change"?

No, no... I am not going to talk about his speech although it is part of it. The real question is why the President of The United States is so clueless. I mean this was a diplomatic mission. Liberal democRATs always tell us how good they are in diplomacy and how they will solve the world's problems by diplomacy without costly wars. Here our "brilliant" president is tested on a very simple diplomatic mission and failed miserably. Folks, Chicago got the lowest vote and eliminated in the first round. Now, that is humiliating when you have the POTUS and the FLOTUS making personal appeals.

As their propagandists in the media, the POTUS and his delegation were shocked and stunned by the result. It is just another indication that these people are clueless.

Even their excuses do not make sense:

"Obviously, it was disappointing, we wanted Chicago to get this," the president's senior political advisor David Axelrod told CNN.

"I don't view this as a repudiation of the president or the first lady; there are politics everywhere and there are politics inside that room."

Axelrod suggested that Obama's effort had fallen prey to internal Olympic movement politics.

"I am not suggesting anything nefarious, there is a process here, intensive lobbying that goes on for months and months and months."

'We played a great game': Obama on Olympic loss

Then why weren't you guys better prepared Mr. Axelrod? Why did you make a fool out of the POTUS?

Really folks, why weren't they more effective in their lobbying?

The answer is simple: The huge ego of Obama. He thought he can convince the IOC with one speech. He thought his mere presence will change minds.

Now this was a fairly small diplomatic failure. but Obama thinks the same way when he is dealing with Iran, North Korea and the rest of the world. His narcissism in dealing with the IOC cost Chicago the olympics. His narcissism in dealing with Iran may cost us lives in the future.