Why do democRATs celebrate American losses?

Huffington Post, liberal democRAT blog, put the AP photo of an American soldier who was mortally wounded in Afghanistan on its home page.

The question is why?

This is their trophy.

These leftists cannot contain themselves... They are so happy to get a hold of this photo.

You gotta ask yourself... Why?

An American soldier that is killed in action will only make our enemies happy.

Why are the leftists and liberal democRATs who own, write or read Huffington Post are jumping with joy? Why do they need the urge to display this photo?

Is it going to help stop the war in Afghanistan? Didn't they vote for a guy who promised to do just that? They own the presidency, they own the congress. If the deaths of American soldiers they so desperately want to stop is what they want, they could have done it in a heartbeat. They could have stopped the wars months ago.

What is the purpose really?

Simple: To break the will of American people supporting the war against terrorists.

You see we used the photos of the bodies of Saddam's sons to break the will of Saddam's supporters. We wanted them to understand that it was over for Saddam.

We use photos of the bodies of terrorist leaders we kill to show the other wanna be terrorists how they will end up. It is a deterrence. It is part of war.

It is for the same reason terrorists video tape the killings of hostages and then distribute to the media outlets.

But why do some Americans, liberal democRATs are taking the side of the enemy? Why?

Why are they using a photo of a mortally wounded soldier to influence us to stop supporting the war against the terrorists?

Is it because the leader they elected, Barack Hussein Obama, does not have the guts to stop the war as he promised them to do? If they really think this was an unjust war, why can't they stop it right now? They always claim to have the American people on their side. What the hell are they afraid of? Why the hell are they using enemy propaganda to break our will to defend ourselves? Yes, you gutless worms, you own the executive and legislative branches. There is no body to blame but you for not stopping the war. You have the blood of this soldier in your hands. No, it is not the same with Bush. He, with the approval of the congress which houses you worms, sent them to war but he supported them. You despicable worms do not support the mission and the troops. You are working against them. Why don't you just move to Afghanistan and take up arms against our troops? That would be a fair fight, wouldn't it?