Why do liberal democRATs always blame us?

Are you left scratching your head trying to understand liberal democRATs and their positions on illegal immigration, terrorism even common criminals?

Are you one of these people who think modern liberal democRATs' positions are either idiotic, stupid, ignorant or misinformed and cowardly?

Or are you one of these people who think the modern liberal democRATs are just misguided but well-meaning people?

Liberal democRATs seem to take the side of illegal immigrants, terrorists and common criminals and they always blame illegal immigration, terrorism or crime on the western civilization and capitalism. No matter how stupid, idiotic and misinformed their arguments are, they are amplified by the power of the media and academia and presented as factual truths. Thanks to the marxist scheme called "Political Correctness" the liberal democRATs are also able to shut people up who raise objections to their positions, policies and arguments.

It really is not that hard to see the fallacy of liberal democRATs' positions on these or any other issue. It is just simple common sense that exposes them.

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote about Modern liberalism:

Folks , this is all part of a scheme concocted by modern liberals to destroy western civilization. They are with the enemies of western civilization. They take the side of perverts, criminals, murderers, mass murderers and terrorists. They claim to show empathy and understanding to these people and blame capitalism and western civilization for these people's acts. The reason modern liberals do this is not because they are idealists, idiots, ignorants or misinformed cowards. They do this because it helps them in their own goal of destroying capitalism and western civilization.

Consider the following points:

1) Have you ever seen or heard modern liberals trying to show empathy and understanding to corporate executives who are charged with white collar crimes? I remember liberals in congress demanding jail sentences way more than murderers get for Enron executives. Why do you think that is?

2) Have you ever seen or heard modern liberals trying to show empathy and understanding to pro-lifers who exercise their first amendment rights? Have you noticed how they try to criminalize them? How about the recent tea parties? Was there any effort on the part of liberals to try to understand it? No they wanted to demonize the participants who were ordinary, hard working Americans. Why?

3) Check out the communist countries folks. It seems like they have no crime, homeless problem doesn't it? Even if there is a problem it never is the fault of communist system, isn't it? You see folks when modern liberals turn this country into a communist one then they will be for swift punishment of petty criminals, murderers and terrorists. They will completely stop the empathy BS.

Modern liberalism is all about destroying capitalism and the Western Civilization.

Never forget folks, the enemies of Western Civilization -- communists, liberal democRATs and now muslims -- are very skillful at using the freedoms Western Civilization provides to destroy Western Civilization and the freedoms and liberty it offers.

Do not stay silent! Do not give in to the political correctness scam. Speak up, question and most importantly make fun of liberal democRATs' arguments. Expose them for who they are.

Do not waste your time trying to understand liberals. They are who they are. they are beneath contempt and the best thing we can do is to RIDICULE these self-declared smartes, brightest, the most intelligent and intellectuals FOOLS every opportunity we get.