Non Stop Site

2017 is about fighting against the misinformation, lies and outright propaganda spread by LIBeral democRATs. It is one man's common sense answer to so-called smartest and the brightest intellectuals. Those intellectuals tirelesly keep pushing the same old, failed ideologies. They push these failed ideologies that brought misery and death to millions of people only because they want the power they think they will have.

They are immune to lessons from history. They still think Marxism is viable -- they just need to find the right benevolent dictator. They keep pushing the same leftist policies that failed over and over again. They couldn't care less about the pain and suffering these policies brought to people. It is about them feeling good or maybe just maybe they actually want pain, suffering, misery and death for the common man.

How can I come to this conclusion that the liberal DemocRATs would actually like to see a huge part of human population perish? Well, I know that they are not as smart as they claim to be but I just cannot accept that that they are so ignorant and dumb to not be able to see and understand the damage communism and socialism do to humanity and environment.  I know they don't care about humanity but what about the environment? They claim to love the environment. Guess which countries had the worst environmental record for the last century? Yes, you guessed it right: Communist countries are the worst polluters and they ran by the counterparts of our liberal democRATs who claim to love environment. Guess what their environmental policy proposals do: Hurt humans. Come on folks! Liberal democRATs are for abortion -- killing human babies in the womb. They are for environmental rules and regulations that will stop our progress. They care about a tiny smelt more than they care about a human baby. There is one thing constant in this world and that is "change". Liberal democRATs decry climate change and blame it on humans. They are the ones who came up with this stupid global warming hoax to push their agenda of eradicating humans. Do you know why there is life on Earth? It is because of CARBON! We are carbon based life forms folks and your liberal democRAT wants to tax you for that. Carbon -- the reason for life on Earth -- became a bad thing thanks to liberal democRAT propaganda. Did you know that there were people who committed suicide to save the planet? That's not good enough for liberal DemocRATs. They want us to commit suicide on a mass scale. Every specific liberal Democrat policy resulted in pain, misery, poverty and death somewhere in this world. What more proof do you folks need?

It is a fight for survival my friends. We have a group of human traitors who claim to be the smartest, the most intelligent and shamelessly the most compassionate working to eliminate the common people in the name of common good or in the name of saving the environment or any other B.S. they can come up with.

That is what this blog about. It does not take much to expose what a sham these weasels are folks. Whenever they try to push their same old bad ideas with gobbledygook and empty rhetoric, just take a breather and use your common sense asking the simplest question. When liberal democRATs start calling you dumb and ignorant you know you nailed them folks. Their ideas always fail the test of common sense and all they can do is to attack you personally for not understanding their smart ideas. It is all done on purpose to silence you.

This is what this blog about. Help me counter liberal democRAT schemes with common sense. Join the fight!